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In 2016 we started Siberian Meat Dumplings with a vision to bring delicious meat dumplings also know as pelmeni’s to family dinner tables across Canada. Today our product is available throughout Alberta at many different locations. Our dumplings are always consistent and delicious. We at Siberian Meat Dumplings are committed to sustaining the very best product available.

We stopped by at your booth at Callingwood Farmers’ Market few weeks ago. We purchased your Siberian Meat Dumplings and we loved them. Yummy!

Murray Schwindt

We purchased few bags of your Siberian Meat Dumplings at the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Festival and we totally loved them. Great product!

Sara Smith

I stopped by at your booth at Bonnyville Farmers’ Market. I got 4 bags of your Siberian Meat Dumplings, one for each of my family member and they we’re delicious. Love your story and your dumplings.

Lee-Ann Blackburn