Our story

The recipe for our dumplings came from my mother. She left Siberia, Russia with nothing but a few pieces of clothing and this recipe. This is a recipe that has been in the family for many years as she inherited it from her mother. Because of the poverty when her mother passed away the few inheritance that was left to my mother was this recipe.

My mother left Russia in 1936 to embark on a journey to a better life. She first went to China with her family when she was a young child. She later on got married, had 3 kids then moved to Brazil and had another 4 children. They then moved to the U.S.A and had another 3 children. From then on my parents and their ever so large family took their last and final journey to Canada. They moved to a small French community in Alberta called Plamondon. Many Russian settlers migrated to this town and before long it became a place of French-Russian settler where both nationalities exchanged heritages.

All of us children grew up looking forward my mom serving us her delicious pelmeni’s (that’s the Russian name for these dumplings). We would all wait eagerly at the table for them the nights she was serving them for dinner. We all loved participating in helping her make them. She used to tell me that I was the boy that was the best at making them . Never in a million years did I ever think I would turn them into a business.

Time passed by very fast. I then met my wife who had immigrated to Plamondon from St. Petersburg, Russia. She happened to be a person who is passionate about food and cooking. Being Russian as well, for her growing up pelmeni’s were her favourite. Prepping and making them takes a lot of time and with the busy lifestyle of a big city they were definitely a treat. Needless to say. I taught her how to make them and they have now become a family tradition making them and enjoying them. Each time we made them we would play around with my moms recipe until we finally came up with one that would satisfy the whole families taste buds.

So to sum up this story, my father-in-law gave us the go ahead to help us introduce this product which any family can call a satisfying dinner. They can be served for any occasion in a large or small company, with family and friends, whether they dropped in unexpectedly or you had a gathering planned. Knowing that you can make a delicious meal in about 10 minutes that is healthy and delicious is something we wanted to share with everyone.